Recursivity and Contingency, Yuk Hui

Ulysse Ha


This is Ulysse Ha's (夏元熹) website, a guy working in the space of enterprise software, who's originally trained in Anthropology. I dedicate this website to reflect on my academic and professional experiences in relation to all things 'digital'.

It all began with a simple anthropological heuristic: objects created by humans, in turn, re-define human existence.
Today, as we are embedded in a technological network of digital artifacts, I ask:
how is human cognition - our heuristics, decision-making process, and perception of reality in particular -  shaped and enhanced by software?

This basic premise informed my first analysis of human-technological system interaction in my MSc thesis, where I show how data, in the form of metrics, informs and shapes our perception of reality, and by extension behaviour, in a process of negotiation. 

The name of this website represents the broader context of my intellectual and professional pursuit.
Ontogenesis refers to the dynamism of recursivity: a looping movement that returns to itself in order to determine its singularity, with every move open to contingency (illustrated above). The concept encapsulates the essence of human life as a continuously evolving project, fuelled by the informational value of experience (feedback). 
If the ability to reflect and conquer uncertainties is a defining feature of the human existence, what is the new meaning of humanity in the 21C, when technological systems develop similar capabilities? In the context of everyday life, how should we respond to, and indeed make use of, a system that is capable of 'growth' via statistical inference?


No analysis should be done in a vacuum, devoid of real-life practice. It is my goal to continue exploring the software landscape before returning to the academia for my PhD in an interdisciplinary endeavour that connects my thinking and experience with design and product development.


Studying human-digital technology interaction digitally and conventionally.


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My research interest is about understanding how sociocultural and biographical factors influence human-technology interaction.


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