Recursivity and Contingency, Yuk Hui

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This is the website of Ulysse Ha (夏元熹), a qualitative (ethnographic) researcher from Hong Kong with a background in the social sciences (BSc Sociology/MSc Digital Anthropology). This is a space primarily dedicated to demonstrating my experiences and work to recruiters and platforms looking to look hire someone with research/analytical/consulting skills.

Self-branding aside, this website also serves to be the space where I unload my observation on the digital culture in which we live. It all began with a simple anthropological heuristic: objects created by humans, in turn, re-define human existence. Today, as digital technology takes center stage in material culture, I ask: how do cultures influence the different way in which people interact with different technological objects and systems? Moreover, how do we examine the daily technological influences that have become taken-for-granted and so mundane, like informational overload, critically and in a new light?

Ontogenesis refers to the dynamic process of existence, which begins somewhere, and unfolds recurisvely: the movement that returns to itself in order to determine its singularity, with every move open to contingency (as illustrated in above image by Yuk Hui). Human life, similarly, is a continuously evolving project, fueled by the informational value of our experience (feedback). Centered on this basic premise - summarized systemically by the philosopher of technology, Yuk Hui -  my MSc thesis marks my first attempt to explore the asymmetrical intersection of finite individual human lives with the infinite becoming ('development') of technological systems.

If the ability to overcome and assimilate uncertainties is a defining feature of being human, what would be left of humanity when technological systems become capable of memorizing the informational value of hazards to sustain its functioning? In other words, how should we response, in the context of everyday life, to a system that is capable of 'growth' via 'course correction' (think the hyped concept of 'smart city')?

Cultural Insights and Human Experience

Studying human-digital technology interaction digitally and conventionally.


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